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Spoiler - O Que Esta Temporada Reserva Para Dean?

Primeiro, espero que você não fiquem zangados comigo, pois não traduzi os Spoilers, o motivo é bem Simples, estava eu conversando com a Camila certo dia, e ai percebi que já estava sabendo mais do que deveria então....haha, estou evitando Spoilers. Mas Eu tenho a solução para vocês lerem a entrevista, para os Leigos de plantão, o Blog tem o serviço de tradução, (Sim, ele tem), está logo abaixo dos botões de compartilhar, ( Ali em cima, na lateral do blog) é bem simples, basta vocês clicar na bandeirinha do Brasil, que a página vai traduzir do Inglês para o Português automaticamente, então ninguém sairá perdendo com isso, e vocês continuam informados.
Só estou evitando Spoilers Deste Primeiro Episódio, depois volto a traduzir ok? (Nem os Vídeos ando vendo... Rsrsrs).

Bom, este primeiro Spoiler, Sera Gamble e Bob Singer, dão uma pequena prévia Sobre o que esta temporada reserva para Dean Winchester.

In season six of Supernatural, Sera Gamble took over as showrunner and kept the Impala under a tarp for a few key moments in the show's re-introduction. In season seven of the CW series, she starts with the Impala garaged in a similar manner. After being flipped over and half-crushed in the season six finale, Dean (Jensen Ackles) has a lot of work on his hands to get his baby back up and running again. He basically has to rebuild the car completely in order to make it "as good as mint." You might think this is an odd, nit-picky piece of minutia to focus on when such larger issues are at hand-- you know, like Castiel (Misha Collins) being God now and ultimately being on the opposite side of things from the boys. But in truth, the Impala's state can be seen as a metaphor once again. This time, though, for the way in which Dean will have to build himself back up after he unravels a bit this season.

But a bit more literally, Gamble told LA TV Insider Examiner that the Impala is being used in the season premiere episode, "Meet The Boss," simply to show the passing of time. She thought it was the easiest way for the writers to exhibit how much time has passed since Castiel initially sucked in all of the souls and channeled the power of God. Making progress on a car proves the events that happen so quickly in the first hour back for the series really are not happening in just a day or even a week after the events of last season's finale.

"Dean will have lots of issues this year that he's going to have to deal with," co-executive producer Bob Singer teased during a special screening and Q&A event for the show here in Los Angeles.

"During the first thirteen episodes [of season seven], I think he will probably carry a rockier journey in an odd way in terms of how he feels emotionally and how he deals with things. He's on a real rollercoaster. Jensen has plenty to do!"

But much of Dean's struggles will be internal ones, seen through nuances in Jensen Ackles' performance, surely, while his brother Sam (Jared Padalecki) experiences external struggles in seeing the world around him shift with hallucinations of his time in hell. Dean will have a major upcoming moment in the fourth episode-- the episode that Singer directed-- though, during which he is put on trial by an Egyptian God. Yes, you read that right: Castiel isn't the only God Supernatural will explore this season!

"Cyrus-- an Egyptian God-- he weights how heavy your heart is against a feather...It's all about carrying guilt," Singer previewed.

Naturally, Dean has a lot of guilt about the things he's done, most notably the way in which his good friend Jo (Alonna Tal) died. And Jo returns for that episode, to act as a "witness" during the trial, which is chock full of emotional weight for both actors, especially when they get to the flashbacks from previous moments they shared. Long time fans will recognize them as coming out of an episode we saw Jo in earlier, though the moments are brand new. Will Dean come out of it feeling better or worse about the things he has done?

"That's a big turning point episode for Jensen's arc this year. Clearly the God doesn't kill him...but it's kind of a kick off for a good run for Jensen where he's in a different place than he's been in earlier seasons."

Additionally, Dean will interact heavily with guest star D.J. Qualls, when he gets "stuck in an emergency situation when he can't be with Bobby and can't be with Sam and needs a hunter" in another upcoming episode. Bobby (Jim Beaver) sends him a "quirky" guy named Garth, played by Qualls, who let's just say, may prove to antagonize Dean in his own unique way.

Supernatural airs on Friday nights at 9pm, only on The CW. And don't worry, all you Sam Girls! I have part two of this chat with Gamble and Singer, devoted to Sam's journey this season, coming soon! Stick around!

E tem este outro Spoiler, onde se fala sobre a Série Introduzir uma mudança de Poder Extremo, já no Primeiro Episódio.

Lucifer was so powerful his vessel could not hold him, so why would God be any different? If God truly is all-powerful, than he should tear his vessel apart at a much faster rate. And if you’ve seen the promotional photos for the seventh season premiere of Supernatural, you know Castiel (Misha Collins) is in bad shape. But things aren’t so simple as they may appear, and the reason for his situation will prove to be something of which we should all be afraid.

It seems Castiel overlooked those few details when he absorbed all of the souls in purgatory to become the new God-- “the new boss”-- though. He believed his own bullshit, if you will, and he is out to do all he criticized his dad for never swooping in and taking care of. But as we will come to learn, there is a reason that the real (?) God left certain things alone.

While Castiel relishes in his new power, smiting those who twisted the word of God (including a fabulous Michele Bachmann copy), Dean (Jensen Ackles) works on fixing the one and only thing over which he has real control: his once-again dented Impala. With Sam (Jared Padalecki) still experiencing hallucinations about hell, Dean is powerless, so he sets his sights smaller. In truth, this seems to be indicative of Dean’s place moving forward. Finally he is just a man. Once he was larger than life, a hunter who seemed to be indestructible because of the higher purpose he was destined for. But that is behind him, and now what he is up against is so much bigger than he can even imagine, he kind of shrinks in its shadow.

And without being "fixed" by Castiel, Sam is spiraling in his own ways. Hallucinations are one thing, but keeping them, or the extent of them, a secret is a whole other one. Sam is more confused than we could have possibly imagined, and though there is at least one moment when it looks like Soulless Sam might be back, in truth Sam's journey is just getting kicked off in "Meet The New Boss" and it promises to be even darker and more long-term detrimental to his psyche than anything he has experienced in seasons past.

The one trick Dean, Sam, and Bobby (Jim Beaver) have up their sleeve is to utilize the King of Hell, Crowley (Mark Sheppard), but Castiel may have gotten to him first… So they turn to Death (guest star Julian Richings)-- to bind him to them so that Castiel cannot kill them when they attempt to take him on. But is Death truly more powerful than God? After a pissing contest between the two, we will get our answer, and when all is said and done, the true power will be a little bit gross, and a lot shocking.

“Meet The New Boss” picks up immediately where season six left off-- in physicality, in tone, and in style. No longer a true road show, Dean, Sam, and Bobby seem bound in their own right to two simple locations: Bobby’s house and the lab. And it is a much more “talky” episode, hinting at story by telling, rather than showing. There’s a lot to be set up here, and it turns out to be too much for just one episode; “Meet The New Boss” leaves us with a mini-cliffhanger worthy of any hellatus. Thankfully this one will only be a week long, though, with the action resuming just next week in “Hello Cruel World.”

The boys of Supernatural are playing in a much wider field than every before, with the same old tools they’ve had for years but no book to tell them how to handle what they are coming up against now.

Supernatural premieres on September 23rd at 9pm, only on The CW.

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