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Con de Chicago - Resumo, Spoilers, Vídeos, Fotos...

Creditos: Lily Marlen

Hey Peoples, e nesses últimos dias (21/ 22/23 de Outubro 2011) Aconteceu a Creation Con Em Chicago. O evento contou com a participação dos atores

Jared Padalecki - Sam Winchester
Jensen Ackles - Dean Winchester
Misha Collins - Castiel
Matt Cohen - Jovem John Winchester
Amy Gumenick - Jovem Mary Winchester
Corin Nemec - Christian Campbell
Rick Worthy - Alpha Vamp
Richard Speiht, Jr - Gabriel
Mark Pellegrino -  Lucifer
Chad Lindberg - Ash
Sebastian Roche - Balthazar
Guy Norman Bee - Diretor

E como é costume no Blog, fiz um Resumo  do Painel dos J's, Misha e Guy Norman Bee, com tweets, fotos e vídeos. Já aviso que os tweets não estão traduzidos, são muito e eu passaria a tarde toda traduzindo, o que não é minha intenção. Os únicos Tweets que tarduzi foram os Spoilers que estão abaixo. De qualquer forma, Enjoy Guys !!!!!!

Créditos: JaredPadaFandon

GUY NORMAN BEE (director)
@Jabber_Moose Nobody is more upset about misha going into the water than guy

@Elliebunk Guy wanted to cast Alona in 'Asylum'

@Jacen736 Guy will be working on Ringer

@Jabber_Moose The leviathan black goo was black frosting

@9Tiptoes @guynormanbee "make it look bitchin" and he does.

@wfsarah Guy is giving a woman whose daughter started in film advice. "If she really wants to do it bad enough, the world is her oyster."

@heather_spn Prop master on #Supernatural set carries J and J wedding rings on a necklace when they have to film

@LoveJeter02 Guy Bee wants to work on Sons of Anarchy. . And some half hour comedies.

@wfsarah Guy just called Jared "Paddles."

@Jabber_Moose Guy on jensen *gesturing* "do I act from here up? Or here down?" *audience giggles* guy: that didn't come out right..,,

@NiceGoalEh @guynormanbee said that Dean fishing Cas' coat out of the water & folding it was meant to be similar to the military folding a flag

@wfsarah The original GCW script didn't say anything about what Dean did after fishing out the coat--he decided to fold it

@Jabber_Moose Rick and chad just crashed guy's panel. Rick and guy just hugged

@Jabber_Moose Guy says cas is a character nobody wants to say goodbye to

@wfsarah Also, Guy does an epic mannequin fall. Ha!

@Jacen736 Guy was asked about his tweets with pictures. He says he takes pics of monitors if it's not a spoiler & it's interesting


@Nelle816 God is stripping on stage!

@heather_spn Misha- best name for an italian mobster? Richard Johnson

@WinFamBusiness @mishacollins finally made it! Good question. Will he heir his minions to West? "Very middle to dark ages kind of thinking there."

@WinFamBusiness He just saw the flaw in heiring minions. "I would have to be dead. Wait a second, I don't like this idea anymore."

@blackbird_angel Bears vs. Packers debate, Misha says he loves ping pong.

@MishaMadness Misha: "There were like 500 murders in Chicago one year I was in school there... The numbers went up when I got there."

@WinFamBusiness Misha talked about attending University of Chicago. They were ranked 300 out of 300 for social life. They printed t-shirts.

@lostndanet If Misha was animal he would be a naked molerat why... cause of their translucent skin

@Jacen736 Misha says Jared texted him at 2 AM asking Misha to go to his room & wrestle

@jmnzl "'Come down to my room ans we'll wrestle. Come on, don't be gay!' Jared is very eager to hug me." MISHA OH MY GOD

@jmnzl Massage oil is very hard to get out of hotel carpets

@MishaMadness If Misha gets back on the show, he will put in his contract that Sam must hug Cas.

@MishaMadness Misha keeps saying "suck it" and is going to put that in all of his future contracts.

@scoob70 "I know as much as you know and I'm assuming you know nothing." - Misha

@jmnzl "I was trying to take a bath but the microwave was far too small"

@WinFamBusiness The next question is really bad, so someone shouted "Next question!" Misha acknowledged the verbal cane has been pulled.

@WinFamBusiness Misha is walking the crowd! "So this is what it's like to be Richard Speight."

@WinFamBusiness "Okay, this is freaking me out." Misha just ran back on stage.

@lostndanet Do you know about the recession? Misha: yes... I'm sorry

@Clarity67 Misha told annoying questioner to suck it ha! Running joke

@WinFamBusiness Apparently, putting "A wave on celestial intent" on your job application is not a very good idea.

@AmyinSydney @mishacollins is slamming people left & right. Ask a stupid question cop the wrath of Misha!

@moJovi88 Misha stole some applications when he worked at the white house

@WinFamBusiness Weirdest gift from a fan? "Hard to say, there have been so many." A needlepoint pillow with his face on it is the most terrifying.

@SammyWsGirlSPN "are my german friends here that always give me things with liquor?" Misha on weird.gifts

@iamFROZONE "Run to the vendors and get me a picture of myself, I love those!" - @mishacollins

@jmnzl "I'll paper the walls with my face, just stare lovingly at me"

@SammyWsGirlSPN Misha and his wife gave West his middle name because it kept making them laugh. Misha calls him "Waxy" lmao

@moJovi88 Misha - my son is a genius. He's 1 and already slowly saying bleduhgablu lol!

@wfsarah Misha: Supernatural is a show about two lumbering morons...

@LoveJeter02 Misha is laughing abt texts from Jared and that they go over the line.

@MishaMadness Misha: (About Jared and Jensen): "The stuff that goes on in their trailer is disgusting."

@moJovi88 Fan asks Misha what he would sponsor and the mic went wonky so he replied CREATION ENTERTAINMENT ONLY!

@Elliebunk Misha contacted a kefir company about being their spokesperson. They never replied.

@scoob70 "Ooooh you. Where funny comes to die." Misha to a fan.

@blackbird_angel Misha admits he used his own personality for playing Leviathan!Cas.

@jmnzl "When I was trying to play the most maniacal, evil character possible...I'm glad it came across as just me."

@iamFROZONE "I am kinda mean, aren't I? Note to self: be more nice...occasionally."

@piecesofpie79 @mishacollins was sick and throwing up during the Leviathan scene, and had a body double block the scene

@WinFamBusiness He was too sick to do much of the scene, so the stunt double went into the water.

@iamFROZONE "I just played Castiel for so long, it was so nice to kick back and be myself (about Leviathan!Cas)"

@jmnzl "I evidently don't know what jobs are. They're not three-dimensional objects."

@moJovi88 When Misha did Karla, he had Pauls dreams & hated the whole experience. There were death threats from the producers to the directors

@WinFamBusiness Will Misha be writing again sometime soon. "I frequently publish on a place called Twitter."

@LoveJeter02 Will Misha or his wife publish anything? His wife is. History of flight attendants in the 50s and 60s.

@iamFROZONE Misha's being cryptic about Gishwes....

@LoveJeter02 He has no upcoming projects. He's going to try and produce some things in the future.

@WinFamBusiness Any big acting plans? "I go do performances at 7/11's just to stay fresh." Finds bus drivers and clerks are the best audiences

@MishaMadness Misha: "Get some short shorts, go in 7/11, and do some Shakespeare."

@blackbird_angel Misha's loves classic rock like The Band and Rolling Stones.

@WinFamBusiness Who does he listen to the most? "Definitely Justin Bieber."

@piecesofpie79 Lisa is transitioning from Random Acts

@LoveJeter02 They are planning another trip to Haiti for the charity. Its a cult but its a good cult. LOL 28000 going to Japanese relief

@lostndanet How has Misha's life been changed by Jared: oh let me count the ways... Property damage for starters

@jmnzl "He's very large and it's not fair"

@piecesofpie79 @mishacollins says his late night wrestling w @jarpad is wrecking his sleep

@heather_spn Jared is directly reasonable for some of the hangovers Misha had

@blackbird_angel If Misha were in a boyband, he would choose Colin Ford and Jim Beaver to be in the group with him.

@blackbird_angel Misha said that Castiel farted at the gas station, and that blew out the windows in Lazarus Rising.

@moJovi88 Misha just now discovered Castienity. He says its creepy

@WinFamBusiness Did Misha like being vengeful God? Had more fun with future Cas because of all the orgy rehearsals. "We were all pretty sore."

@moJovi88 Misha doesn't know where anyones soul is. He said the filing system is a disaster.

@blackbird_angel Misha says he doesn't know if Jimmy's soul is still inside Cas anymore, but he feels bad for him.

@catdewilde "Poor Jimmy. Not nice. Fortunately, we can take solace in the fact that he's not real!"

@MishaMadness Misha said there could have been "an entire zoo of wild animals running around" in Jimmy.

@jmnzl What superpower would he like? "I've always wanted to be able to walk in a straight line"

@moJovi88 Misha says he has one leg longer than the other and nudges ppl off the sidewalk if they're on his left bc he can't walk straight.

@LoveJeter02 Misha has 5 belt buckles. He's wearing a wood one with an axe. His fave has a bus on it. Its a vintage type bus.

@moJovi88 Misha says he is one day going to drop a bus into an active volcano

@piecesofpie79 the lake Cas walked into was only 3 feet deep he had to fake going deeper into it

@moJovi88 Misha doesn't like having black goo coming out of his ears.

@moJovi88 Of Chad, Richard, & Matt, Misha would marry Matt, shag Chad, and push Richard off a clif-but with a parachute

@WinFamBusiness He claims he's cost Warner Brothers hundred of thousands of dollars in overtime because he laughs too much.

@piecesofpie79 @mishacollins says he bites his cheeks to not laugh

@jmnzl "Which cheeks do I bite? Oh,I get it!"

@riotgirl8268 "do you bite your own ass? Because I find that challenging." -Misha Collins

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@Jacen736 Gen sent clothes for Jared to wear but Jensen had to tye his tie

@heather_spn Jared never learned how to tie a tie, so Jensen just does it for him

@Jacen736 Jensen's dad taught him how to tye ties early

@wali21 Jared sent the clip of the promo from last episode without getting approval from legal.

@Jacen736 Having genre actors as guests is great as some guests haven't got it

@Clarity67 Js just tossed St Louis fans out 4 loss of Rangers hee!

@skyisfalling Jared and Gen are having a boy!

@Clarity67 Gen due in March!

@CrisHazel Someone asked since hollywood remakes things a lot, would they be upset if spn was remade and their kids were cast. Jared said that Jensen better hope he has a girl then. Jen replied w/ 'yeah, so she can man up the character of sam.'

@WatchOutForIce Asked 'where do babies come from', @jarpad sez "Don't know yet, its not here!" & JA sez "The stork! Didn't you see Dumbo?"

@WatchOutForIce In 'Frontierland' when JA did fast draw, palm got ripped when he slapped gun; then @guynormanbee sed 'do it again'. Now JA has scar!

@Clarity67 Jared doing butt scoot about dog anal gland story Lol!

@wali21 Jensen cancelled a dinner on Friday because the place had a jacket requirement.

@piecesofpie79 @jarpad had a huge zit on his forehead causing a shadow on his face and had to have a cortisone shot for it

@SammyWsGirlSPN Jensen told us to ask Misha about what West does in his and Jared's yards! He wouldnt tell us! Color me curious!

@WatchOutForIce Interesting that bees in 'Bugs' were real - JA got stung 2x, @jarpad 1x - & in last ep were fake. Harder w fake. I'd've thought opp!


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@WinFamBusiness A large amount of first timers again! Jensen is apologizing for every guest on stage before them. Namely Sebastian.

@wfsarah Jared mimes taking clothes off, stops. "I'm not Sebastian!"

@MishaMadness Jared keeps fanning himself. Jensen: "I'd rather just sweat."

@blackbird_angel Jared: "I think spirituality binds us whereas religion separates us." Just be good people, regardless of what religion you are.

@jmnzl "Jensen's looking at me like 'DAMN'." "That's the most intelligent thing that's come out of your mouth since I've known you!"

@WinFamBusiness Jared - They had some issues with "Houses of The Holy" and making a religious statement.

@wfsarah Jensen's grandma watches the show every week. SUPER CUTE!

@Clarity67 Jensen religion, Gran is his guide, he assures her all TV, domt worry SPN's views.

@jmnzl "I'm not really Dean..." "WAIT WAIT WAIT."

@Jacen736 J2 asked about who from #Smallville they'd like to see on #Supernatural Answer: M Rosenbaum

@blackbird_angel Jensen and Jared were discussing bringing Michael Rosenbaum on the show.Sadly,he does not know of this

@WinFamBusiness Gen has a paint quarter horse. He doesn't want her to ride pregnant. The fan congratulated them.

@wfsarah Advice for newlyweds: Jared: Remember why you got married...awww. Try to be as honest as possible.

@LoveJeter02 Greatest piece of advice for being married. Jensen "You're right honey What was I thinking"

@MishaMadness Jensen and Jared keep whispering to each other behind their hands.

@blackbird_angel Jared just did the Lance Armstrong stretching on stage during a question directed at Jensen.

@WinFamBusiness Jensen is joking how they picked him for Supernatural, and some guy from The Gilmore Girls. "His name was Milo Ventimiglia."

@WinFamBusiness "Too bad we didn't get him, for I would have been the tall one." - Jensen about Milo.

@LoveJeter02 Jensen was signed on foe 2 yrs on Smllville but only did one. Jensen doesn't know where the character would hve went beyond

@heather_spn Jensen on Dean "he is the youngest grumpy old man"

@WinFamBusiness The fan said that Sam hasn't been emotional in a while. "Do you want me to cry?" Jared asked.

@jmnzl "You wanna see me cry?" "And...go! ...all the cameras went up!"

@wfsarah Jensen is doing an epic fangirl impression!

@LoveJeter02 Filming Bugs in S1 they had a torrential downpour.

@WinFamBusiness Jared is telling the story about how he used to wear Puma tennis shoes. So when Bugs filmed, Kim Manners got them umbrellas...

@WinFamBusiness When Eric Kripke saw the dailies for "Bugs", he called them and said there was a new rule, no umbrellas.

@WinFamBusiness It's very rare they get put down by weather, but once a monster storm stopped production for a bit.

@WinFamBusiness Asked about James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter. They were great to work with and they're hoping they'll come back.

@MishaMadness Jared: "I need a curly mustache so I can twirl it."

@@jmnzl awww @jarpad says Jensen inspires him!

@WatchOutForIce @jarpad reccommends reading the book "Unbroken" in response to the ? "Who/what inspires you?"

@WinFamBusiness How do they pretend to eat off. Jared doesn't have an issue since Sam picks at his food. Jensen needs a spit bucket.

@inbluedresses Jared saves Jensen's spit buckets

@Jacen736 Jensen also says don't eat when off camera or bring to mouth but not bite or take bite at end of scene

@ReallyAlly Jared says he hasn't really had any crazy fan experiences. Jensen says all of his fan experiences have been "relatively awesome"

@wfsarah Jensen on fans: "99.9% of our fans are completely respectful..."

@Clarity67 Jensen teases Enochian symbols still hurt, hee

@WinFamBusiness Someone also asked about why Castiel did something in "The Third Man." Jensen hit the nail on the head. He was busy.

@Jacen736 When asked how things might be different if SPN were on HBO: Dean mouth like sailor, more gore

@jmnzl "I can't tell you how much it hurts me sometimes to say 'friggin'"

@moJovi88 The CW doesn't allow them to aim guns at peoples heads. It has to be off camera-implied.

@heather_spn Jared said there should be an spn movie

@Nelle816 Jensen wants to use the grenade launcher that's sitting in the Impala's trunk. Jared wants to use the grappling hook.

@heather_spn Jensen broke his chair then kicked it over

@ReallyAlly "I practiced for weeks with throwing knives in my trailer." -Jensen

@ReallyAlly Jensen wants to do zombie target practice

@WinFamBusiness "Jared, your hair is miraculous." Oh yeah, Jared wanted that statement repeated.

@wfsarah Taylor Lautner and Justin Bieber would play Sam and Dean should they need to be replaced. Hee!

@ReallyAlly Jensen wants Justin Bieber to "pull his stupid pants up"

@MishaMadness If someone else had to play his part, Jared would want it to be @colinfordactor.


@wfsarah Jared: I think Dean Forester should play my part.

@Jacen736 Guy Norman Bee came in & had a fan ask about Jared's metronome ap & it's effect on Jensen

@Jacen736 Jensen evidently dances to it & it is dirty dancing. It will be on the outtakes

@wfsarah Jared: Jensen's a dancing machine. A machine that was built here in the US for one thing...

@ReallyAlly "What is this, the Jerry Springer show?" - Jensen

@DragonNinjaAri Jensen just got a hair compliment. Then he proceeded to be awesome.

@LoveJeter02 Jensen just showed us how he gets ready in the morning. He looks in the mirror and he's perfect!! LOL

@Jacen736 In the episode Jensen directed, the store clerk the leviathan eats is a friend of J2

@WinFamBusiness Jensen is talking about how they actually filmed the cheese pouring over the clerk's head. It was made of white chocolate.

@Jacen736 A scene was cut where the cheese is poured over clerks head & he looks like he is melting

@jmnzl Jensen will probably do a director's commentary!

@WinFamBusiness They cut another montage of Dean wasting time in the cabin. Massive sad face!!!!

@LoveJeter02 They are aware of major story points. Jensen knew Sam didn't have a soul.

@WinFamBusiness Did they know Sam was soulless? Yes. When Jared first found out, he wasn't sure how to act it. He's proud of the result though

@CarryOnMyDean Fan says Jensen has a really pretty face and he has to be careful where he points his face. Jensen is confused and blushing.

@blackbird_angel Jensen and Jared call each other Jay, and are collectively called that. Often they get caled J-Rod and Jackles.

@WinFamBusiness Talking about nicknames on the set. J-Rod, Jackles. Douchenozzles came up too, but I guess that one wasn't allowed.

@CarryOnMyDean Jared laughs a lot when the camera is not on him and Jensen says that's hard for him because all hes seeing his Jared shaking

@Nelle816 The guys probably won't do any more big movies or plays until the shows over because not having a break over hiatus was too hard.

@WinFamBusiness Jensen's nephew was born with Down's Syndrome, Levi. This is for his buddy walk, Team Levi.

@jmnzl Jared being Vana White!

@wfsarah And...the jar of salt went for 5500. Jared looks like he's about to cry. "I can't even count that high!"

@wfsarah Jensen is really touched. "I'm pretty sure my sil is crying right now and she doesn't know why."

@Nelle816 Jared gave a shout out to Winchester Brothers charity for St Jude's.

@Jacen736 J2 expressed thanks to fandom

Fotos: http://img.ly/9IYy

Spoilers Traduzidos!!!

Rick Worthy diz que Sera Gamble e toda a equipe estão pensando em maneiras de trazer o Alpha Vamp de volta.

Guy Bee diz que terminou o episódio 9 e é engraçado com algum drama.

Sam vai ficar afetado pelo Inferno. Sim, ele vai ter lembretes constantes. Sam está tentando tomar seguir em frente, mas não é fácil para ele.

A Mão de Sam supostamente vai ficar permanentemente assustadora, de qualquer maneira.

Pela primeira vez na história de Supernatural uma cicatriz dura mais de um episódio "- Jensen sobre a cicatriz de Sam. kkkkkkkkk

Eles usam o fuzil sniper em um próximo episódio.

Guy Bee quer fazer o Final da Temporada dividido em duas partes.

Créditos Totais: ontd-spnparty

Vídeo - Jensen e Jared BreakFast. (Completo)

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    Jared vamos fazer o favor de ir cortando o cabelo? Tá muito feio esse cabelo, até hoje tento entender qual a graça que ele acha de manter algo que não favorece em nada.


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