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Rapidinhas - Entrevista Com Sera Gamble (Inglês), Xerife Mills De volta.

Foi confirmado por Kim Rhodes, que a Xerife Mills estará de volta em outro episódio de Supernatural, ainda nesta temporada, foi isso que a atriz cotou em seu Twitter:

kim rhodes
I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to tell you.... I'm booked for another  episode. If I shouldn't have told, I'll let you know.
há 22 horas via web

Eu tenho certeza que estou autorizada a dizer .... Estou reservada para outro episódio de #SPN. Se eu não deveria ter dito,eu vou deixar vocês saberem.

E Sera Gamble condeceu uma entrevista para o Oal Tv, onde ela fala sobre o problema de Dean com bebibas, o Pior pesadelo de Sam, e o Cliffhanger para o final da metade desta temporada. Colocarei a entrevista abaixo, sem tradução.

We're only five weeks into Season 7 of 'Supernatural,' and already, we've seen (alleged) character deaths, lies, explosions, a broken leg and a couple of seriously creepy visitations from Lucifer -- and the show seems to have no intention of slowing down any time soon. Tonight's episode (9PM ET, The CW) even boasts 'Buffy' alums Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters as a quarreling couple at the center of a suburban bloodbath.

But with so many unexpected twists, questions are sure to follow. Yesterday, I caught up with executive producer Sera Gamble to get some insight into Dean's current mental state (and Sam's, for that matter), the Leviathans' nefarious scheme to draw the Winchesters into the open and a potential return for a fan-favorite character (but not the one you're thinking of).

Spoilers ahead.

In this week's episode, we see Dean [Jensen Ackles] self-medicating with alcohol more than ever before -- even while working a case, which used to be a major Winchester no-no. Are we heading towards a Very Special Episode, 'Supernatural' style?
[Laughs] We don't do Very Special Episodes of 'Supernatural' like that, no. The guys are pretty rough and tumble, but I don't think we teach the boys difficult lessons about their lifestyles in that kind of '80s sitcom way.

Dean's certainly displaying a lot of the same tendencies we saw after John's death: keeping a secret and repressing a lot of his feelings -- when will we see that come to a head?
Obviously this isn't something he can carry around forever. An event in the next couple of episodes will bring up what's going on with Dean in a pretty substantial way, between Sam [Jared Padalecki] and Dean. You know, even beyond the fact that it's kind of wrecking him emotionally; it's precisely the kind of thing that will bite you in the ass.

Short of therapy, if he's questioning his identity as a hunter and as Sam's brother, how do you foresee him getting back on solid ground?
Well, it's a struggle for him. I think, especially beginning with what happened with Castiel, he's been forced to question his place in a new way. And then seeing how his brother is dealing with everything so differently than he is ... I think we're the only show in television where both of our lead characters have gone to hell! [laughs] Now that Sam has recovered all of his memory, he's struggling, but in a way that's different than Dean did. And Dean is not always taking it well. So, it's something that we explore in various ways in the coming episodes. I mean, we're conscious that there's something in the core of Dean's character that's kind of snarky and fun, and we didn't want to lose that -- I mean, he's "Dean" about it, if you will. But he's struggling with a lot of different things coming up.

The season 7 synopsis mentioned a secret that Dean is keeping that could tear the brothers apart. Is Dean keeping two secrets, or is the Amy revelation the one that you meant at the time?
Right now, the way that the Amy thing is playing out, yeah, I would say that that's a pretty big secret in the first part of the season. We certainly are going to throw new and interesting stuff at you further down the line this season, but we have different flavors coming up. I wouldn't call this the emotional arc of the entirety of season seven. It's a story that came up in this episode as we were working in the room that ended up kind of taking on an emotional life between the brothers.

It's clear in this week's episode that Castiel [Misha Collins] is still on Dean's mind and he's definitely still on the fans' minds; is there any new information you can offer about his return?
I can't tell you anything solid about it. I don't have any solid information about when you would see him back. I can just say that I will tell you as soon as I have something to tell you!

This week, we see that there's actually a pretty effective way of incapacitating a Leviathan; is that going to come into play again later in the season, or are they going to have to find another way of taking them out?
You know, it's not every day that you get to have a thousand year old witch walk into your motel room and happen to save you. And characters like the witches they ran into in episode five are not helpful -- they're not there to help Sam and Dean, they're not particularly interested in fighting Leviathans. It was temporary luck for Sam and Dean and Bobby that they basically get a window of a few days in which, as they say, "the guy lost his spinach" before he gets back to full power. And during that time, they can kind of experiment on him. But it's not like they have a witch on speed dial.

In next week's episode, Sam and Dean are forced to go on the run after the Leviathans put them back on the FBI's radar; is this going to be more serious than what they had to deal with courtesy of Agent Henriksen in season three?
It's a little bit different; the Leviathans kind of take on their identities and go on a killing spree, which Sam and Dean take rather personally. And them popping back up and becoming undead, if you will, for the FBI, in that way it becomes -- at least for a while -- a similar problem that they found they had with Henriksen in that they become a bit more recognizable. But underneath, at the core of it, is the fact that the Leviathans are able to kind of get inside some of these databases, and are able to manipulate the system in this way. That's the concern. It's actually less that a Henriksen will come after them, and more that a Leviathan will come after them in this way that forces them further off the grid.

Sam actually seems to be coping pretty well in episodes four and five, but I'm assuming that's not going to last too long?
I mean, he's evolving. In terms of what's going on in his head, it's something that he kind of incorporates into his day, having to deal with it. But we're dealing with the second half of the season now. I'm in the room with Ben Edlund right now -- in fact, I just walked out of it to come and take this call. We are talking about Lucifer, we're talking about, hopefully if he's available, seeing Mark Pellegrino again, although he's a very busy man. But even if we had decided that that problem would be over, Mark was just too good in that episode! He was just so entertaining to watch, and he just brought such an interesting take to those scenes. But we have all along kind of had a plan for how we would reintroduce that issue for Sam.

Episodes nine and ten are usually pretty mythology-heavy, what can you tease about those episodes this season?
Yeah. We definitely advance the Leviathan mythology in episodes nine and ten, and we kind of back into it in an unusual way, we kind of do a different spin on it this season. I'm going to be a little cagey about how, but I can say that our way into episode nine is really fun and hilarious -- Ben wrote the episode. The boys come into the case thinking that the Jersey Devil is loose in the woods eating campers. And Biggersons, our fictional family restaurant, is heavily involved in the episode, and it's just all of the surreal, disgusting touches that we've come to love in this kind of episode.

What about the cliffhanger you're ending on before the midseason hiatus?
The boys will be really personally invested in hunting down the big bad by the middle of the season, and they will have a pretty serious run in with them. You'll meet the guy who is kind of at the top of the food chain as a Leviathan in episode six, and then we'll run into him again in episodes nine and ten. And hopefully the audience will have a really good sense of the kind of dude he is, and he'll cause really serious damage and big problems for the guys, and it becomes an intense fight between them.

Can you talk about the second half of the season at all, since you're in the midst of plotting it out?
Sam gets beaten up by clowns. It's really bad. [laughs] There's some fun ones, we have a good mix of fun and serious, but in this batch we've been especially fond of a script in which Sam's worst nightmare comes true: he is beaten up by angry clowns.
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